Picture Book Reviews

Picture Books are just awesome. They have words and amazing images that all work together to form a joint narrative, and I just love them. There is a huge amount of Picture Books published every year in Australia and around the world. The reviews below can help point you in the right direction!

The latest book in the Pig the Pug series about the notoriously cheeky pug. Read review here.

A book about being new and accepting people for who they are. Read review here.

A dark and moving story about a polar bear who goes on a journey that revolves around some big ideas. Read review here.

A book about big things for little people. Read review here!

Ruby and Graham are two very different squirrels, but what if Graham wants to be more like Ruby? Read review here

A clever and funny story about a picky bunny who doesn’t like carrots! Read review here

A rhyming sing a long style of story about an adventurous Sloth who wants to explore the world. Read review here.

A deep and moving story that revolves around themes of belonging, asylum seekers and war. Read review here.

A beautiful counting story about a little biy exploring his backyard that features Australian animals. Read review here.

Phoebe is a little girl who doesn’t like reading – it makes her nervous. That is until she meets a big shaggy dog who helps her along the way. Read review here.

A double review as apart of the latest Books on Tour blog tour we had a look at this award winning innovative series that is all about a group of animal friends who teach us a thing or two. Read review here.

Coco Big City Kitty is one of the most adorable books I have ever read – and it’s all about a little kitty who loves living in a big city. Read review here.

Henry Turnip is a panda who likes things to be just right – that is until Reuben Moon the rabbit comes bouncing into his life and shows him how to be a playground adventurer. A stunning book about friendship and stepping out of your comfort zone. Read review here.

In My Dreams is a brilliantly bright book all about dreams. Read review here.

This is a story about a lyrebird who loves telling lies – the bigger the better. But eventually, it will learn its lesson, but at what cost? Read review for this hilarious and uniquely aussie picture book here.

Extraordinary is a magical book about appreciating the every day thing. Read review here!

Bear Was There is a wistful autumn tale about a mouse and a bear. Read review here.

Daisy has gone mad! When Jasper tries to help her out by building a walking contraption so she can join him on his walk, something goes wrong… Read review here.

Nop is a little Bear, that isn’t very plush, who lives at “Oddmints Dumporean”. When all the other toys do themselves up and are sold, and Nop is left all alone, he will have to do something drastic. Read review here.

Looking for your next favourite bedtime book? Then look no further! Forever Home is a sweet tale about home and love that will have you and your little ones feeling all warm and fuzzy afterwards. Read review here.

Me and My Boots is all about a little girl and her boots. I adored this book and claim it as my favourite read of the year so far! Read review here.

Wendy Willow Water Ballerina is passionate about synchronised swimming, and she wants you to be too! Read review here.

” I am TOP of every tree! Top is always best to be.” A story from the dynamic duo – Jackie French and Matt Shanks that follows on from the popular ‘Koala Bare”. Read review here.

The bad chicken keeps getting all the children in trouble by blaming them for all his bad behaviour, but when the kids decide to capture him, things start to get a little hairy. Read review here.

An inspiring true story about a whimbrel who must fight her way through a storm. Read review here.

The Bad Seed – the seed who could do no right. Read review here.

Everyone loves kites – this book sums up exactly what it feels like to build and fly a kite, and has some wonderful messages about creativity and friendship too. Read review here.

A book about one of my all time favourite things – Reading! Read review here.

Sometimes going to bed can be the greatest game of all. Review here.

A shimmery shiny fable about a greedy Moon King and his lust for the mystical Starbird. Read review here.

Pete the badger likes to keep the forrest neat and tidy, but will he ever learn when to stop? Read review here.

Mem Fox’s new life affirming story that is powerful, wonderful and kind of magical. Read review here.

A moving book about Asylum Seekers, told from the perspective of a little girl. Read review here.

A stunning book about finding your voice, that features all your favourite Aussie animals. Read review here.

When Marianne finds some bones on the beach, she dreams up something incredible. Read review of this magical dreamy book here.

Santa has puppies who need delivering, but when they go missing, you will discover Why Dogs Don’t Bark at Santa.

The book that Sir David Attenborough recommended himself, don’t miss the review for this awesome Young Reader Chapter Book: Song Bird Great Barrier Reef Rescue

A beautiful book about grief and connecting with loved ones after the have left us, read The Golden Thread Review here.

A powerful moving book about children all around the world, who all deserve the same rights. Read review here: Every Child a Song

An alphabet book with a difference, check out this beautifully illustrated book here: Almost an Animal Alphabet

A quirky twisted childrens book from debut author Kiah Thomas. Read review here: Allergic Alpaca

Pippa decides she is ready to leave the nest, even if her parents don’t agree. Read review about the proud and passionate Pippa here.

A unique and beautiful book about friendship with some stunning illustrations. Read review here: Fox & Bird

An incredibly adventure picture book that has some of my all time favourite illustrations by The Fan Brothers. Read review here: Ocean Meets Sky

A lovely creative crafty book about a boy and his toys who come to life. Read review for Jacobs Toys here.

A stunning unique book with wonderful illustrations, read review for I Would Dangle the Moon here.

Horatio is the youngest and smallest mouse of twelve, and is quiet and reserved, until one day he receives something in the mail that rocks his mixy matchy socks. Read review here.

We Toot – a feminist fable about farting. Read review here!

Created by two Aussies, this book was shortlisted for the Children’s Book of The Year Awards – and with good reason. It is beautiful! Read review here.

A boy and his search for a star by the super popular Oliver Jeffers. Read review here.

A unicorn who lives under the sea and wears a little bubble helmet? Yes Please. Read review here for Not Quite Narwhal.

“Where is the Green Sheep?” is a fun rhyming book perfect for young bub’s and early readers. Read the review here.

Everyone has been to a magical beach, somewhere that is special to you. Read review for this Aussie classic.

An important, poignant book that teaches children the importance of Anzac day. Read review here.

‘Hooray for Fish!’ is an awesome undersea book for children of all ages. Read review here.

‘Melrose and Croc – A Hero’s Birthday’ is an adorable tale about friendship. Read review here.

‘You’re Called What?!’ a hilarious book about animals with silly names. Read review here.

‘Roo The Roaring Dinosaur, Best Playday Ever!’ is a lovely story about a dinosaur and a polar bear. Read review here.