Review: Ruby and Graham

Ruby and Graham is an adorable woodland story all about being yourself.

Love love love the endpapers!

Ruby the squirrel loves to have fun – she is out there and the life of the party. Everyone loves her! Whilst Graham is her polar opposite. He likes being organised and his very useful clipboard. One day, Graham decides he doesn’t want to be the organised one anymore, he wants to be as cool as a cucumber – and more like Ruby. But when he does – things start to get a little crazy around the forest and Ruby is worried.

Ruby and Graham is a gorgeous story about being who you are, but also trying new things. It has a great lesson and very sweet illustrations. It is easy to read, but went a little over my toddlers head and would definitely suit an older audience, probably best suited to ages four and up.

To grab yourself a copy of this squirrelly tale – click here!

Title: Ruby and Graham

Author & Illustrator: Lucy Barnard

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2020

Ages: 3+


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