Middle Grade Reviews

Middle grade books are awesome. They sit in that little spot between picture books and YA, an important age where kids can really develop a love of reading. See my reviews below to check out some great reads!

A thought provoking, heart warming story about a young girl who is just trying to find her place in her complicated family when an overseas crisis comes crashing into her world and life. Read review here.

A brilliant graphic novel that is based on the authors life and is all about the pains of teenage dental work and growing up. Read review here!

Looking for a bold fast paced adventurous historical middle grade that will keep even the most reluctant readers glued to the page? Then look no further! The Eye of Ra is a book that will suit every young reader.

Carly Mills: A New World is a fun time travelling fast paced read that will inform kids on what life used to be life back in the day. Read review here.

Ella’s first year at Eden College is full of adventure and mystery. Read review here.

Rosie was just heading for a family holiday, when things get out of hand. Join her and the team as they fight bad guys, solve mysteries and do what they do best. Review here.