Review: Stupid Carrots

Stupid Carrots is a funny and super relatable story that has become a fast favourite in our household.

The story begins with a very familiar sentence that I’ve probably asked a million times – ‘What’s for dinner mum?’. When mother rabbit informs her daughter Betty they are having carrots, Betty is unimpressed and even scandalised – then goes through all the reasons why she hates carrots. Meanwhile her mum has to remind her that, they are, in fact, rabbits and they eat carrots all the time.

Stupid Carrots is funny, colourful and, as I said, a favourite in our household. The story is well told, the writing easy to follow and easy to read. My toddler adores it and his favourite page is the one with ‘hotdog pizza’ on it, when Betty names all the foods she would rather eat. I loved all the family’s reactions and the anticipation at the end – a clever ending and well written story that is super enjoyable for a wide age range. Definitely recommend – particularly for families with fussy little eaters!

Apologies for the rough pages and photography, it really has been read already about a hundred times before bed over the last month!

Title: Stupid Carrots

Author & Illustrator: David Campbell & Daron Parton

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2020

Ages: 4-8


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