Review: Hayden’s Bedtime

Woo it’s book tour time people! And with Books On Tour PR & Marketing we have our next feature book – Hayden’s bedtime.

Hayden’s Bedtime is a super sweet story that is incredibly relatable – it’s all about a little boy and his journey to bedtime.

“Every night when the clock strikes 8, Dad pipes up, ‘off to bed before it’s too late.”

The story begins with Hayden’s Dad announcing it’s time for Hayden to go to bed, and this is when the game starts. Hayden’s Dad says it is too late for all the normal games they play and things they do during the day. Then Hayden begins all his requests of things that need to be done before he can get some rest, such as checking ‘What behind the door? What’s under the bed, inside the cupboard, and in the drawer?’.

“It’s too late for what tomorow brings, like playtime, cooking and a push on the swing.”

I loved this book and think it will appeal to all kids and their parents, and I particularly loved the relationship between Hayden and his dad. I also liked the playfulness of the story, and the rhyme makes it easy to follow and fun to read out loud.

I also enjoyed the illustrations, particularly of Hayden and his dad themselves.

Thanks to Books On Tour PR and Marketing for organising the blog tour and for sending me out my very own copy of this beautiful book for us to keep forever! ❤️

Title: Hayden’s Bedtime

Author/Illustrator: Wendy Haynes & Brett Curzon

Publisher: Inprint Publishing

Published: 2019

Ages: 3-6


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