Picture Book Review – Almost an Animal Alphabet

By Katie Viggers

Almost an Animal Alphabet is exactly what it describes itself to be – an animal alphabet with something a bit extra.

This book is fabulous, I’ve read a fair few alphabet books now and this is the stand out for sure. The illustrations are brilliant, and the creativity is awesome.

Not only does it teach children the alphabet, it also teaches all the different breeds of that animal. I just cannot get over the illustrations, that will definitely appeal to kids with a homemade crafty vibe.

“J is for Jelly Fish”

The range of sketchy, charcoal and water colour illustrations will suit any kids and adults who are crafty that want some inspiration too. I love the jellyfish page pictured above and the way the letters form out of the tentacles.

I just love this book, every page is bursting with creative energy and fun – and has the bonus of teaching little ones their letters. Highly recommend this book that will suit a massive range of kiddies.

This book was first published in 2010 by Laurence King Publishing, but has just been released in Australia by the team at Thames and Hudson Australia who were kind enough to send me a copy of this wonderful book.

Title: Almost an Animal Alphabet (or click here for the original UK site)

Author and Illustrator: Katie Viggers

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing

Published: 2010 (or November 2019 in Australia)

Ages: 3+


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