Review: Coco Big City Kitty

Okay. I love this book. Little girls and boys, be prepared to witness the cutest book you will ever read. I even like saying the title out loud as it rolls of the tongue- Coco Big City Kitty.

Endpapers goals!

This bite sized book is so friggin adorable I can’t get enough of it. Seriously, just the cover kills me. Look at Coco with her little bow and her dress and bag and little smile. You can’t NOT LOVE HER.

The story follows Coco, who is “as white as marshmallow, except for her velvety brown paws, nose, ears and tail, which looked like they had been dipped in chocolate.”

Coco grows up in the big city, and Coco LOVES the big city. She loves her life in their tiny little apartment, with all the bright lights and fireworks on New Years. She also loves writing lists, pink, dancing, and more pink. What Coco does not like, however, is bugs. So when Coco’s parents think they might move from the city, Coco can’t imagine anything worse!

Ahh, I just loved this book so much. The story is really well told, and I like the inclusion of all the lists and the little cheeky bits of humour are perfect.

I think I’ve also made it pretty clear already that I’m a big fan of the illustrations. They make this book and I thought they were super well done and suited the story perfectly. The design is fab and even the font choice is spot on and makes this book just a delight to look at and feels like such a treat – the size of the book and the writing really makes it feel personable and kind of like a diary.

Coco Big City Kitty is an amazing beautiful adorable cute book. I love the smaller size and longer script, highly recommend!

Thanks to scholastic for sending me out a copy, to grab yourself a copy of this book – click here.

Title: Coco the Big City Kitty

Author & Illustrator: Laura Bunting & Nicky Johnston

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2020

Ages: 4-8


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