PB Review: In My Dreams

In My Dreams is a brilliantly bright coloured book with stunning stand out illustrations and a lovely sleepy story.

Scaly fabulous end papers galore

The story is simple but wonderfully told – this book is obviously… all about dreams. It follows a narrator who tells us his story about all the magical places he goes and the things he sees when he is asleep – from lions to wolves and dragons and pirates in faraway lands.

“When the world is quiet and I’m alone, I like to dream.”

It is well written and told in dreamy flawless prose that is easy to read and flows from page to page. The minimal wording makes it a quick and perfect read before bedtime.

The illustrations are imaginative and bright (I mean, have you seen the cover!) and I wanted to photograph every single page as they are just so full of life. The colours are vivid and engaging, just like a dream.

In My Dreams is a beautifully presented story about dreams that is perfect for bedtime and will encourage you and the kiddies to use your imagination before you slumber off to dreamland yourself. This one will suit a huge range and age of audiences.

To grab yourself a copy of this beauty and go flying with dragons yourself, click here.

Title: In My Dreams

Author & Illustrator: Stef Gemmil & Tanja Stephani

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2020

Ages: 3+


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