Five reasons why reading to children is SUPER important!

We all know that reading to children is important and that we should do it. But do you ever wonder why it’s so important? Other than the fact that it will improve literacy?

See below to see some reasons and get motivated to start reading!

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Review: Gallant

V.E. Schwab’s new novel Gallant is a gothic tale that mixes a range of genres, from middle grade to YA, and mystery to horror, that will intrigue and win over the hearts of whoever reads it.

Olivia Prior is a 17-year-old orphan who is very different from all the other girls at Merilance School for Independent Girls. Firstly, she is a mute. Secondly, she can see ghouls. The other girls think her odd and she is painfully lonely. Olivia has always wanted a family and a place to call home, but the only thing she has of her family is an illustrated diary from her mother. It is filled with mysterious entries and inky illustrations that show her mothers descent into madness.

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