Review: Little Puggle’s Song

“‘I wish I had my own sound, like all the other animals’, said Puggle. But Puggle knew that echidnas could not sing.”

This is a gorgeous book about finding your voice, and realising that you don’t have to be like everyone else to contribute something important to the world.

Little Puggle wants to sing like the rest of the animals in the animal kingdom, but knows that echidnas cannot sing. He wants to sing like Little Blue and Fantail and Fancy Crest (the most adorable cockatoo I have ever seen), but knows it isn’t possible – so he sits by and watches instead.

Then one day, when brown feather (the lead singer – most suitably a Kookaburra) falls sick just before a big event, little Puggle will have to find his own way to help out.

A beautiful book that features all of your favourite Aussie animals that teaches children it’s okay to be different. It also teaches them about all the different native animals and what kind of noises they make.

The illustrations are stunning, all the animals are just bloody adorable, and the page layouts with all the Australian bush is just beautiful. I really loved little Puggle as our protagonist who was very likeable for his resilience and cleverness. The story flowed well and really kept me guessing up until the end how he would overcome his problem with singing. The end was super satisfying and sweet.

Fancy Crest himself

I loved this book from start to finish, and definitely recommend it! A brilliant debut from author Vikki Conley, who has plenty more (I think a total of five books in two years!) coming out soon.

Title: Little Puggle’s Song

Author and Illustrator: Vikki Conley & Helene Magisson

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2019

Ages: 3+


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