Book Review – Your Hand in My Hand

“The world’s full of wonders, there’s so much to see. I’ll find them with you if you find them with me.”

Mark Spencer
By Mark Sperring and Brittany Teckentrup. Published by Orchard Books (Hachette)

I adored this book – from the gorgeous illustrations to the lovely lyrical rhyming text – a beautiful winter book that is perfect for bedtime.

“Your hand in my hand is where it belongs. Your hand in my hand as we walk along.”

The story follows a little mouse and a big mouse as they wander through the winter forrest – sharing time together. It is simple and sweet, but super effective. They interact with lots of different animals and look around the lovely landscape together.

It makes for a nice quick read before bedtime with adorable and colourful illustrations that will leave you feeling wistful.

This stunning book will suit bubs and children of any age and is a lovely sweet way to send them off to dreamland and make you feel all warm and fuzzy afterwards – and remind you to hold their hand a little bit tighter the next time you go for a walk.

If you want to find out more about the author you can check out their profile here. To see more from the illustrator, check out some of their beautiful artwork on her website here.


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