PB Review: Me and My Boots

Okay, so this is one of those books that I just can’t get enough of. Every page, every word, every illustration – I just adored it! It is a beautiful whimsical rhyming story about a girl and her boots.

“These are my favourite boots, I wear them all the time. Some people call them bossy boots. Stubborn, I’m-in-charge boots. Or queen of all the land boots. But that’s not really me…”

I originally gravitated towards this book as a friend from my mothers group has a bub named Bronte, and I am so glad I did as this is definitely one of my favourite reads of the year so far (and said friend’s bub will likely be receiving this for their birthday). It is a unique book with a fun and sweet story about a girl and her boots. I just bloody loved it. I loved the writing, I love the illustrations and I love the whole meaning behind the story and the symbolism of the boots – as well as our proud fierce fabulous protagonist Bronte.

The illustrations are gorgeous with the bright colours and hand sketched/painted vibe. The main character of Bronte is so sweet and the illustrations really capture her character – something Evie Barrow is really really good at (see my review of Horatio Squeak here). I have another Pen Harrison’s books “Extraordinary” on my review pile to get to, and after reading this one, I can’t wait to read and review it too!

‘Me and My Boots’ is a book about celebrating what makes us individuals and embracing all of those things. It also shows how all the different people we are when with different people in our lives, from our parents to siblings to grandparents and friends.

A truly wonderful book that I can’t stop reading – I really just can’t get enough of Bronte and her blooming beautiful independent strong female boots! I hope the team of Pen Harrison and Evie Barrow get together again to create something more soon.

To get yourself a copy of this beautiful book – click here!

Title: Me and My Boots

Author& Illustrator: Pen Harrison & Evie Barrow

Publisher: Little Hare Books

Published: 2020

Ages: 3-6


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