Book Review – Chickens Can’t See In The Dark

By Kristyna Litten. Published by Oxford University Press.

Little Pippa is just like all the other chickens, except she has a dream. She wants to see in the dark.

This is an adorable story about an inspiring little chicken who follows her dreams, even when all the other chickens tell her it’s impossible and laugh in her face.

I love inspiring stories about someone going against the norm. And this is no exception. It encourages children in a subtle way that being different is okay, even if people find it a bit silly.

  • The tone of this book is light and humorous and the pictures are super adorable. There is an array of different characters who all have cute little drawings and personalities. I love this book and recommend it for kids 3 and up.
  • To see more from this author/illustrator you can check out her website.


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