Book Review – My Book (not yours)

Written by Ben Sanders. Published by Lothian Children’s Books (or ‘Slothian’ according to Lento)

Lento the sloth is stoked to have his own book, and just wants to tell us his story. But that’s not as easy as it sounds when the fox is around.

First things first, I adored the characters in this book. I just love Lento, he is such a sweet character and I was super drawn to him. All he wants to do is tell us his story, but firstly – he is pretty tired. And then the fox comes along.

This is a super fun interactive styled book where the characters communicate directly with the readers (also known as metafiction – thanks university/google). Books like this are great, are growing in popularity (like Do Not Open This Book by Andy Lee) and often suit the whole family. Older kids will get the fantastic humour and will enjoy being directly referred to and involved in the story. Whilst younger kids will love the bright colours and interesting characters. I mean, everyone loves a sloth right! Even the naughty fox is kinda loveable in his evil ways.

The only issue I had was keeping my 9 month old away long enough so I could get some pictures. He was desperate to get his hands on it, and then decided to just sit on it.

My Book (not yours) is fantastic read that is super fun, hilarious and well written. The illustrations are brilliant and the characters memorable. I requested this from the library, but will definitely be getting our own copy as I think it will suit us for years to come.

See Sonny’s little hand sneaking in for the grab?

Will poor Lento ever get the chance to tell his story? You’ll just have to read it to find out!

To find out more about the super talented Aussie author/illustrator Ben Sanders – you can check out his website.


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