Book Review: We Toot!

Written by Ashley Wheelock and Arwen Evans. Illustrated by Sandie Sonke

“What smells like a skunk and sounds like a frog? What trumpets and hoots, and barks like a dog?”

We toot is a hilarious ‘femininst fable about farting’ and it is possibly one of the funniest picture books I’ve read this year. Maybe even ever!

The story follows a sleepover with a group of girls when someone does the unspeakable… a secret fart. They all deny it, until one of the girls comes into the room and owns up – and says she does it all the time!

It is super funny and super easy to read with the great poetic rhyming text. The illustrations are lovely and sweet — I just loved all the characters, particularly the main girl (who owns up to the fart), with her wild hair and scrappy appearance.

The whole thing is hilarious, and makes a great point – everyone farts! It is all about body positivity and proves the point that we can’t help our bodily functions.

This great book will suit a huge range of audiences from little ones to big kids who can read. Let’s face it, everyone loves a fart joke! Because they are funny, and whether we deny it or not. We all do it! 💨

A brilliant book that is well written with heaps of cute characters. One that will have the whole family in stitches. Highly recommended!

Thanks very much to one of the wonderful authors, Ashley Wheelock, who sent me a copy of this beauty.

Title: We Toot

Author and Illustrator: Ashley Wheelock & Arwen Evans/ Sandie Sonke

Publisher: House of Tomorrow

Published: 2019

Ages: 1+


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