Book Review – Jacobs Toys

By Claudia Woods

Jacobs toys is a sweet book with plenty of fun characters that is bursting with creativity. It is a crafty book that has a Playschool vibe that will encourage all kinds of fun for kids.

The story follows a boy, Jacob, who decides he is too big for his soft toys and he and his mum decide to give them away. But first they must put them in the wash. And this is when the toys come to to life. His toys then go on quite the adventure that will have you absorbed and wondering where they will end up.

This is a sweet book that is super creative in its creation as it uses a range of media in the illustrations from drawings, paintings and materials found around the home. The use of these materials also kind of reminds me of one of my favourite shows as a kid ‘Angela Anaconda’ (the one with that super catchy song).

I liked how the words in the story reflected what was happening and really jump off the page – making it super enjoyable to read out loud. The characters are also great, and will have every child wondering what their own toys get up to when they aren’t around. The narrative is on the longer side and will suit slightly older kids – particularly ones who think they are getting too old for their toys.

A wonderful fun and creative book that your kids could try and recreate at home with their own toys and material. It will encourage creativity and is an easy adventure story with loveable characters.

Thanks to the lovely author/illustrator Claudia Woods for sending me out this book.

Title: Jacobs Toys

Author/Illustrator: Claudia Woods

Publisher: Harbour Publishing

Published: 2018

Ages: 4+


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