Review: Liarbird

Liarbird is a hilarious story about a bird – a lyrebird – who loves to lie and doesn’t care what trouble it gets him in.

Love me some beautiful endpapers.

Lyrebird loves to tell lies, and he even informs us that lying is great and lists all the kinds of things he likes to lie about – “Big lies, little lies, white lies, porky pies and big fat whoppers”. But eventually something goes quite wrong, and lyrebird will realise that sometimes, being completely truthful isn’t the best way to be either.

“Lying is great! You heard me. People will tell you it’s wrong, but don’t listen to them.”

Liarbird is a meta narrative styled story that is becoming very common for Phillip and Laura Bunting as the lyrebird directly talks engages with the audience.

The story is clever and funny with it’s unique Australian humour (such as mentions of things like dropbears) that will have you and the kiddies laughing out loud.

The illustrations are wonderful and the page layout and design are brilliant. My favourite page was right in the middle of the book that consists of a closeup, which I was tempted to post, but decided against it as it does give away some of the story. But let me tell you, it is great, and really builds the humour and will have little ones in fits of laughter and possibly yelling out loud.

I love the varying pink colour palette and background, as well as all the Aussie animals with their funny little faces, and Australian slang prevalent throughout.

Liarbird is a witty book that will have you and the kids laughing out loud. Laura and Phillip Bunting have proved themselves to be a dream team whose books are becoming well loved classics in Australian children’s fiction. This one will definitely suit a slightly older audience who will understand the story and humour.

Grab yourself a copy here.

Title: Liarbird

Author/Illustrator: Laura Bunting & Phillip Bunting

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2019

Ages: 4-8


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