Book Review – The Bear and the Piano

By David Litchfield

I was so stoked when this book arrived at my library – I’ve seen it floating around on Instagram quite a bit and the idea appealed to me, and I’ll tell you what…

I was NOT disappointed.

Everything about this book is just utterly brilliant. I got the board book version without realising, and absolutely adore it.

The illustrations are beautiful. I know I say that a lot about illustrations, but these ones are next level. I think it’s the double spread pages with the constant use of light and the forest and the little grass blades and the flowers and the sun beams and just pretty much EVERYTHING! Every single detail is spectacular and sets the whimsical tone for the whole story.

“One day in the forest, a young bear cub found something he’d never seen before. Shyly, he touched it with his stubby paws. “PLONK!” The thing made an awful sound.”

The story follows a bear who mysteriously comes across a piano in the forest, and tries to give it a play.

The bear then becomes quite the player and goes on a journey to show off his skills. Seriously, it is just so good. I had tears of happiness in my eyes for the bear at the end.

Just check out his cute little face in the picture below.

“When the bear played, he felt so happy, and he dreamed of far-away lands”. Oh Mr Bear – your happiness is my happiness.

A moving story, that is simple in idea, but genius in execution. I’ve read this multiple times just for myself since getting it, and immediately added it to my growing cart at Booktopia. I might even have to get some extra copies for presents as this book will have huge appeal for all kids of different ages. I love the fact that it comes in board book format too.

This book will encourage kids to follow their dreams, but remind them to remember their homes and where they came from.

Highly highly highly recommend to anyone and everyone of every age. This one is going to be classic that people will still be reading in 100 years time. I am sure of it.

Also, I hear there is a sequel that involves a dog playing a fiddle and I am so in. I’ll be requesting it from the library asap! To see more from the author, check out his website here.

Title: The Bear and the Piano

Author/Illustrator: David Litchfield

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Published: 2016

Ages: 4+ (but will easy suit younger readers – especially in board book format!)


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