PB Review: Daisy Runs Wild

Daisy Runs Wild sees the return of a cheeky koala from the popular book – Lazy Daisy. In this sequel, instead of Daisy being a lazy bugger, she is off on the run and poor Jasper can’t keep up! But is everything what it seems?

Daisy is a bit of a lazy bones and Jasper wants to help her out, by building her a fabulous contraption on wheels so she can join him on his walks without breaking a sweat (something I think my pug at home ‘Sebastian’ would appreciate very much). But something goes wrong and Daisy goes mad! She flies off her chair and runs wild through the streets, causing chaos wherever she goes, while poor Jasper has to try and keep up.

This is such a fun running rompus of a story. It is super easy to read with solid rhyme and a great flow – I really liked the repetition of the line ‘Daisy kept running, so Jasper did too.” Daisy Runs Wild is an exhilarating journey that involves croquet, yoga and a female cricket team. It is a real page turner as you try to figure out what is going on with our beloved lazy daisy.

The brightly coloured illustrations are super sweet, and the bright fuchsia cover makes it stand out, as well as the gorgeous characters and Jaspers banging outfit. Ultimately, this book makes for a fun easy that all kids and adults will adore.

To grab yourself a copy of this book – click here!

Caz Goodwin was kind enough to answer some questions for me, so stay tuned for interview that will be released on the blog in the next few days where she explains the inspiration for Daisy’s character, Jaspers outfit as well as some wise words of wisdom when it comes to creating spot on rhyme.

Title: Daisy Runs Wild

Author& Illustrator: Caz Goodwin & Ashley King

Publisher: Little hare Hardie Grant Egmont

Published: 2020

Ages: 3+


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