Book Review – Melrose and Croc – A Hero’s Birthday

Melrose and Croc – A Hero’s Birthday by Emma Chichester Clark

This was my first time reading a Melrose and Croc adventure and I have to say, I was impressed. These two characters are adorable! This is the sixth book about Melrose and Croc, and this one definitely made me keen to pick up the other ones – and anything else by Emma Chichester Clark.

Check out these two suave fellas – rockin up with the top down.

This story revolves around the theme of friendship with Melrose, the loving labrador (I assume a labrador?) wanting to make a lovely weekend away for his best mate Croc. But Melrose is a little too excited (classic labrador move) and over does things a little, getting himself into a bit of trouble and might need some saving.

Silly Melrose

This book is a beautiful story of friendship and a cautionary tale of taking care of ourselves and reminding the reader that presents aren’t everything.

The illustrations are wonderful and I just adored both these characters. I mean, the crocodile is actually wearing a scarf. A scarf!

Melrose and Croc make an unlikely friendship, but one that will excite and engage any little readers. What kid doesn’t want to read stories about a Labrador and a crocodile hanging out! I know I do.

To see more from this author, check out their website here.


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