Review: Who Am I?

Philip Buntings new picture book Who Am I? is a unique book that is perfect for inquisitive kids who always ask the question “why?!”

This is a super special book that doesn’t follow a particular narrative or characters, but rather asks and answers interesting and deep philosophical questions about who we are as individuals, and a society.

Who Am I? is well written in a clear and concise manner, plus it is teamed up with Buntings brilliant and iconic illustrations – making it an engaging and thoughtful read. The questions range from things such as “Am I my name?” to “Am I my stuff?” and even touching on things such as “Am I my gender?”

On my first read through I wasn’t quite sure how to take this very personal book, but on my second read through I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think it is something I would have really dug as a kid, particularly around early primary school age. So I would definitely recommend this book, but for older kids who will understand the questions.

Title: Who Am I?

Author/Illustrator: Philip Bunting

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2020

Ages: 4-8


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