Review: Ginnie & Pinney: Learn and Grow Series

As apart of Books on Tour’s next blog tour – our feature books this week are something a little different… not one book, but two! And even better, they are apart of a new innovative eight part series with adorable characters based on learning outcomes that are designed to help children develop ethical thinking, emotional intelligence and social and emotional wellbeing. Sign me up!

These books are apart of an innovative and potentially game changing series that follows the same characters. I love the above page that gives kids and adults reading along the chance to get to know each character, before the start of every story. I think this is a brilliant idea and allows for kids to get to know these characters and understand their choices throughout the different narratives and allows for emotional connection.

The first story I read was 3,2,1 Here I Come and it follows one of the main protagonists – Ginnie the giraffe who just wants to play hide and seek. The problem is, she is really not very good at it, but she still really wants to play anyway. Eventually she does find a hiding spot that it is so good… no one can find her!

I really liked this story, it’s super sweet and easy to follow. I wasn’t so sure on all the different dialogue from each character as at times as I felt a little unsure of what to read out loud to my toddler, but got the hang of it after a few pages. Ultimately, the story is adorable and the illustrations are super cute and I like their simple nature as it doesn’t distract from the story, and are perfect for this targeted demographic.

The second story I read was Pinney the Winner. I think I actually liked this one even more than the first, and this is the one that my toddler really focused on. The story follows Pinney the ‘potamus who wants to win a medal at sports day, but isn’t very good at sports. In the end Pinney finds a sport that suits him perfectly, but when Ginnie is in trouble, he will have to choose between victory (and a choccy medal!) and helping out a friend.

I loved this story, it is simple and sweet and easy to follow and teaches an incredibly important lesson of selflessness.

Ginnie & Pinney Learn and Grow series is a great innovative idea that has been well thought out and is engaging, sweet and fun. My toddler was hooked from the get go and actually managed to sit and be engaged throughout the whole story (which is a rarity!).

These books also have videos that go along with them which is awesome and will keep the kids entertained and encourage new skills. There are also 6 more books in the series, most of which are still to be released. If they are anything like these two, I will be keeping an eye out for more for sure.

You can grab yourself a copy of these books here.

To check out the videos and other books in the series, click here.

Thanks for having me along for another book tour, Books on Tour!

Title: Pinney The Winner / 3,2,1 Here I Come

Author & Illustrator: Penny Harris & Winnie Zhou

Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Published: 2020

Ages: 3+


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