Book Review – Roo The Roaring Dinosaur, Best Playday Ever!

Written by David Bedford, Illustrations by Mandy Stanley. Published by Simon and Schuster.

There can never enough stories about friendships in children’s books – and this one is adorable. Especially as the friendship is between a little dinosaur and a polar bear.

Roo is a happy little dinosaur who is content just chilling on his little dinosaur island when Erik the polar bear rocks up on his ice berg. The two become fast friends and go on an adventure together.

Both characters are well written and defined. Erik the lovable polar bear is hella clumsy and Roo has to deal with him ruining all his stuff.

He is always doing things like that.

Roo the Roaring Dinosaur is a lovely story with fantastic themes about friendship, two great characters and a fun adventure. My only issue is that I think the plot was a tad slow, and would definitely suit older children upwards of 4-5 as I feel it won’t keep the attention of younger ones.

What it may lack in plot, it makes up for it with the cute illustrations. I mean, look at this little guy.

Cold Roo

It also has this pretty cool map right at the front, which I appreciated, and think older kids would enjoy too.

ALL my favourite books have maps at the front.

A sweet story that older kids will enjoy and a great one to get from the library. If you want to find out more about the author, you can read that here. Or for the illustrator – click here.


One thought on “Book Review – Roo The Roaring Dinosaur, Best Playday Ever!

  1. I never would have thought to pair up a polar bear with a dinosaur, but it seems to work. I love the illustrations as well.


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