Review: Kites

Everyone loves kites; they are an object that is particularly nostalgic and reflective of childhood. And really – kites are such a simple concept. All you need is string, a bit of paper and some sticks – bada bing bada boom – you got yourself a kite.

Kites also have importance and relevance in many different cultures and whole festivals dedicated to them. Because… they are pretty cool!

This book captures what it is to be and fly kite, and has a wonderful narrative too.

“The day that David moved to Fivehills, the first thing he noticed was the kites.”

David has just moved house, and the first thing he notices are the kites “Little Kites, big kites, eagle kites, pig kites”. And everyone has a kite – except for David.

Davis is struggling with the move and misses his grandpa, and he also wants a kite. He decides to take his grandpa’s advise of “let’s see what we’ve already got”, so David finds some materials and makes himself a kite.

Then he decides to go and fly it. But it doesn’t exactly go to plan, and David has to find a way to make it fly better, and he then meets some friends along the way.

This book is just wonderful – it has a great story line and messages about creativity, and friendship and learning new things. The writing is lovely and poetic and kinda whimsical too. The illustration speaks for itself and is just gorgeous and the whole design of the book is brilliant and has a strong quality feel to it. I enjoyed this lovely story and found it left me feeling light and happy at the end – and like I leant a few important things along the way. It is however on the longer side, so will suit older audiences.

Title: Kites

Author & Illustrator: Simon Mole & Oamul Lu

Publisher: Frances Lincoln (Imprint of The Quarto Group)

Published: 2019

Ages: 5+


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