Review: Why Dogs Don’t Bark at Santa

‘Why Dogs Don’t Bark at Santa’ is a Christmas story that the whole family will love. It has lovely illustrations, a wintery Christmas feel and lots of puppies!

“Have you every wondered why, Not a dog will yap or cry, On just one night every year, Despite what noises they might hear”.

The story begins with the question of – why don’t dogs bark at Santa? We are then introduced into a tale of puppies lost in the snow. The puppies were gifts for children all around the world, but the they ran off on the elves to go play. But then a storm hits and they can’t find their way home. For days they are lost and Santa can’t find them anywhere – until a trusty and memorable stead comes to help guide the way.

The writing is superb, and told in a lyrical rhyming way that is reminiscent of all things Christmas. It is an easy read that will appeal to even the youngest family members. It also drags you into the story and will have you and the little ones worrying about the fate of these little pups. It is a clever book that is sweet with a touch of humour.

The illustrations are obviously gorgeous, and I love the sketchy look and watercolour style. They have a unique and professional finish that you will treasure – it feels like a classic in the making.

A beautiful Christmas story that all Christmas lovers and dog lovers will appreciate and is perfect for this time of year. Author Grey Ray and illustrator Jenny Miller have multiple stories in the series of ‘Why Dogs…’ with other titles such as “Why Dogs Sniff Bums” and “Why Dogs Chase Cats” – and they are look pretty good to me!

Thank you to Rob for sending me out this wonderful signed version of the book! It also came with a beautiful little book mark.

Title: Why Dogs Don’t Bark at Santa

Author & Illustrator: Greg Ray & Jenny Miller

Published: 2017

Ages: 3+


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