Book Review – The Magic Bunny

The Magic Bunny is a super sweet story about a bunny that will protect his child at night. When I first received this book, I was so excited because the bunny looked so much like Sonny’s favourite sleeping toy (named Theo bunny after the boy who gifted it to us) and I didn’t realise until turning over that it actually IS the EXACT Theo Bunny – as it is released by Jelly Cat.

Theo Bunny himself.

The story is about a bunny who protects his child at night. The rhyming text makes it a fun read that is quick and easy and PERFECT for before bed.

The illustrations are lovely with that sketchy look to them that I really love, as it makes it feel really authentic. Simple but sweet, the illustrations are great for not over stimulating before bedtime.

It is a board book, which is brilliant choice, as the story suits young kids perfectly and will help them sleep at night.

“But when you close your eyes there’s no need for a fright, because Bunny’s job is to keep you safe at night.”

I was a real sook of a kid and was scared of the dark and would often sneak into my parents room at night because I was afraid to be alone. I wish I had a book like this to help me through the night.

Another book that I will be getting our own copy for sure. For Theo bunny too! To get yours hands on a copy of this book (which will also make a great baby shower present), head over to Jelly Cats website here.

Title: The Magic Bunny

Author/Illustrator: Paddy Comyn and Barry Sheehan

Publisher: Jelly Cat

Published: 2014

Ages: 1+


One thought on “Book Review – The Magic Bunny

  1. Simple and sweet is perfect for the bedtime! I tend not to go for the bright colours and illustrations with a lot of detail for this time of the day. Good rhyme is super important. Thank you for the recommendation!


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