Review: The Bad Chicken

The bad chicken is exactly that – a bad guy. He does all the things you want to blame someone else for. This is one hilarious story about a cheeky chicken who can’t be caught.

This is a laugh out loud book about something all kids do – blame someone else. The story is pretty much a list of all the things this ‘bad chicken’ does. He kicks balls through windows, and messes up your bedroom. He puts food on the couch when you’re not looking and the kids get the blame.

But all the children get sick of the chicken and his behaviour getting them in trouble – so they come up with a plan to stop him.

This is a great story about something all kids and adults can relate to. I loved the character of the chicken and all the naughty things he does. He is once allusive naughty ninja chicken and the story flowed well and was easy to follow.

I loved the fun bright illustrations, particularly of this bad ass chicken. His face cracked me up big time – and not to give anything away, but their may be a helicopter involved at some stage.

“The bad chicken makes ice-cream fall of their cones”

This book is great for early readers with sparse easy to read text, and a funny story that will keep kids entertained and turning the pages right up until the clever finish.

Bad Chicken out

Title: The Bad Chicken

Author & Illustrator: Justin Carpenter & Nhanna Akwu

Publisher: Little Steps Publishing

Published: 2020

Ages: 4-8


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