Review: Bear Was There

Bear Was There is a unique thoughtful book perfect to read on an autumn day.

“The first thing mouse felt was love”

Mouse grows up with the warmth and care of its mother. Mouse is keen to explore the world and the fields beyond its home, but is warned – be careful, bear is out there. Despite her warning and the fear mouse feels, it eventually decides to wonder out alone, and finds maybe bear isn’t as fearful as they all first imagined.

This wasn’t a story I was expecting, it was told in a really unique way that I found kind of surprising, but ultimately enjoyable. It has a touch of darkness, as mouse is warned of the danger, and revolves around different emotions. It tells a lovely tale with an important lesson, sometimes it’s important to be brave and think for yourself.

The illustrations are beautiful and I was really drawn in by the wonderful cover. Mouse is so sweet and I love it’s little red neck tie. The landscapes are lovely, but also have a sense of danger and awe, which suited the story perfectly. It also has a very autumn vibe to the book, which is perfect for this time of year (in Australia that is). The layout and design of the book was also interesting with each page flowing seamlessly onto the next.

Bear Was There is a unique special story with a wistful vibe and an important lesson. A very enjoyable read and one we will keep going back to for sure! I feel like the themes and word length for this one will suit older readers.

To buy yourself a copy of this autumny adventure – click here

Title: Bear Was There

Author& Illustrator: Sally Anne Garland

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2020

Ages: 3-6


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