Review: Starbird

Starbird is a beautiful shimmery book that feels like a classic fairytale. It has Kings and Princesses and journeys and a moral dilemma – all surrounding the sparkling mystical bird.

As soon as you pick this book up, it feels special. The cover is just gorgeous and every single page that follows is too. Even the intro page is just stunning, as pictured above, and the rest of photographs just don’t do it justice (see attached video at the bottom of this review to see just how incredible and shiny it all is!).

“For as long as he could remember, the Moon King had known the story of the legendary Starbird – the beautiful and enchanted creature whose song wove the most magical dreams”

The story follows the Moon King, who wants the Starbird as a gift for his daughter, the princess. He succeeds in capturing the bird and then keeps it trapped in its cage so it can sing to his daughter every night and give her the ‘most magical dreams’. But the princess feels sorry for Starbird and can’t help but notice the ‘sadness colouring Starbird’s voice.’ So she sets him free – but the relentless Moon King continues to hunt the Starbird all over the world.

A truly wonderful shiny magical book that is well written, and again, has a true classical fairytale feel to it. Every child will love the exquisite illustrations with the blues and purples colour palette matching the lovey glowing silvers that detail every single page. It really feels like a story told from the night sky with the symbolism behind it perhaps being around the moon chasing the stars.

It also has a great moral to the story and is all about freedom and love. I really enjoyed this book and think any child would adore having this shiny spectacular book their collection. It is on the longer side, so would suit older children.

Title: Starbird

Author/Illustrator: Sharon King-Chai

Publisher: Two Hoots (imprint of Pan Macmillan)

Published: 2019

Ages: 3-5


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