Picture Book Review: Allergic Alpaca

By Kiah Thomas and Connah Brecon

This quirky book from debut picture book author Kiah Thomas is whacky, colourful, and think-outside-of-the-box clever.

Even the intro page is bright and fun

The book takes place on the alphabet – a very real place in this narrative. And our star of the story is Alpaca who suitably lives at the start of the alphabet with friends Antelope, Anteater, Ape and a secret… an allergy to apples.

Alpaca loves living at the start of the alphabet, but when an incident with an an apple avalanche sends her “Bam Crashing Down Eeee Falling Gently Harder… ” right down to W – Alpaca has to make her way back up the Alphabet and it is quite the journey.

This book is super clever with the words and letters of the alphabet often coming into play . The setting plays a massive part in the story and kids will be so excited of the prospect of the alphabet being AN ACTUAL PLACE! I know I did!

It’s a great read along book that I imagine will make plenty of appearances at Story Time at libraries as this super fun book will work perfectly to keep a big crowd of kids entertained from page to page. The illustrations are also fabulous – Alpaca is so cute with its mop of hair and and little stick legs. Turning the alphabet into a plausible place and setting isn’t an easy job, but Connah Brecon absolutely nails it.

Allergic Alpaca is a super fun and incredibly original book that kids and adults will adore reading along with. I can’t wait to see what else this new author has in stock. Kiah and Connah team up for another book that has recently been released – ‘Foothand, Elbow Nose’, and if it is as fun and quirky as this one… I’ll be lining up for it!

Title: Allergic Alpaca

Author and Illustrator: Kiah Thomas and Connah Brecon

Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont

Published: 2019

Ages: 3+


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