Review: The Tiny Star

“Once upon a time, although this happens all the time, a tiny star fell to earth”

Mem Fox’s new book is not what I expected; it is a life affirming story about, well, life. It is about growing and the impact we make on the ones we love – and how special every person is.

The story begins when a star falls to earth, and the star is actually a baby. The baby is loved by all and grows up and becomes a person, and the story continues on throughout this ‘stars’ life.

This is an emotional story that is hard to describe without giving away the entire thing, but it is powerful and teaches children the importance of every life. It also teaches about grief.

It is simple in plot and in writing, but beautifully told. It is important and wonderful and kind of magical too. I loved the motif and symbolism of the stars throughout the story.

The illustrations are also wonderful and suit the story perfectly – even the colour palette is reminiscent of a night sky with subdued blues and starry yellows. The also remind me of Mem Fox other family favourites Possum Magic and Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge.

A beautiful story that shows how important we all are and what impact we have on our family. It is all about begginigs and endings and life cycles and how life will also keep moving on.

Mem Fox has done it again and created a timeless classic that will suit anyone and everyone.

Title: The Tiny Star

Author & Illustrator: Mem Fox & Freya Blackwood

Publisher: Puffin Books

Published: 2019

Ages: 2+


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