Book Review: Pippa

Pippa – By Dimity Powell and Andrew Plant

Pippa is a wonderful character who takes us on a journey full of adventure and excitement that will have you flipping through the pages to find out what she will get up to next.

“Pippa loved to explore. She liked going out on a limb… to exercise her wings.’

Pippa is the story of a cheeky loveable pigeon who is ready to leave the nest and explore, even if her parents aren’t. Pippa’s parents want to keep her close and tell her scary stories so she will never fly away – but Pippa wants to fly, and nothing will stop her.

This story is well told and captivating with plenty of trials and tribulations from eagles and other villains that come in Pippa’s way. Pippa is a super loveable character and one that children and adults will identify with. I loved her resilience, and really felt for her when she was going through a tough time. The writing is superb and engaging with plenty of alliterations throughout that make it a joy to read.

It is perfect for little ones who are learning to read. The illustrations are lovely – I just adored Pippa’s little face. I also quite liked the layout with most of the text outside the boxed pictures as it makes it really easy to follow along, and is perfect for little ones who are learning their letters. It also serves as an important reminder for parents that no matter how much you try, your little ones will be ready for adventures soon, and even though it will be hard, they will always return.

Go Pippa!

A brilliant book that will suit all readers – I dare you not to fall in love with the pretty proud and passionate Pippa!

Title: Pippa

Author and Illustrator: Dimity Powell and Andrew Plant

Publisher: Ford Street Publishing

Published: 2019

Ages: 3+


One thought on “Book Review: Pippa

  1. Hi Sarah, Love that you love Pippa as much as we do. She is one clever and coo coo coool little cookie, no! Thank you for joining her on her adventure and sharing it so beautifully. Dimity


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