Review: Nop

Nop is a visually stunning, award-winning book about a little lonely teddy bear that is beautiful and at times, a little heart breaking.

‘Nop was not plush in places. He had no button, no ribbon, no scarf or spangle. Nothing to tell where he belonged’

This beautiful story begins so sadly, I immediately felt like crying. Nop is a little teddy bear who is plain and not very plush, and he lives in ‘Oddmints Dumporean’, a place were there are plenty of toys, all going out the door… but not little Nop.

When the dumporean is emptied out, and Nop is left all alone, he decides that ‘a bear in a bow tie can go anywhere, someplace wonderful even.’ So Nop comes up with a plan to get out and find a new life for himself.

The story and writing is honestly just wonderful, and although a little sad at times, is also uplifting and hopeful and shows that sometimes you just have to take it upon yourself to make a change.

I really like the name choice of Nop – sounding so similar to ‘nope’. I also like Nop’s physical change, with the addition of his little red bow showing how he changes over the course of the story.

The illustrations are next level, they are so incredibly well done and genuinely breathtaking. I could look at them all day. The page below is my absolute favourite – I love the way the street curves downwards as Nop himself is propelled upwards. The colours are beautiful and the constant juxtaposition of light and darkness perfectly encapsulates the narrative.

“Nop was soon a speck in the great march of clouds.”

Nop is a beautiful story with jaw dropping illustrations and a protagonist who will break your heart and then mend it all over again. It will suit every family and is a perfect addition to any bookshelf. I understand why it has been shortlisted for the CBCA for 2020!

Get yourself a copy of this book by clicking here.

Title: Nop

Author& Illustrator: Caroline Magerl

Publisher: Walker Books

Published: 2019

Ages: 3+


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