Review: Tidy

“Deep in the forest lived a badger called Pete, who tidied and cleaned and kept everything neat.”

“He tidied the flowers, by checking each patch, and snipping off any that didn’t quite match.”

I absolutely loved this book. It is unique and clever and quietly really funny.

Pete is a badger who likes to tidy. He cleans the whole forest constantly, but his problem is… he just doesn’t know when to stop. This is a really wonderful story with a unique message – there is such a thing as too much cleaning, and sometimes we need to know when to stop and just live a little.

It is a clever story that is super well written and easy to read as it is told in rhyme. It flows well and will keep the attention of little ones.

The illustrations are lovely – I adored Pete and all the sweet forest critters running about in the background. The oranges and yellows that flow through the book give it a definite autumn feel – while all the pages have a nice neat feel, with a plain white background that suits the story perfectly!

My favourite page. His little face is priceless.

‘Tidy” is a lovely story with a gorgeous main character who you and your kids will love. I highly recommend this fun and quirky book with a lesson that some parents (such as myself at times) should take notes on… there is such thing as too much cleaning!

Title: Tidy

Author/Illustrator: Emily Gravett

Publisher: Two Hoots (imprint of Pan Macmillan)

Published: 2016

Ages: 3-5


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