Review: Pig the Blob

Pig is back at it again in Pig the Blob – a fun and hilarious book by Aaron Blabey about one shockingly lazy pooch.

Fans of the books will get the cleverness of this page!

We are BIG fans of the Pig the Pug book series. Firstly, because they are hilarious. Secondly, because we happen to have a pig the pug of our own. Ours goes by the name of Sebastian, and he is very similar to the character of Pig. So every time we get one of these books, Sonny get’s super excited and every night for weeks will request the ‘Sebby book!’.

In this one, Pig is being incredibly lazy. We watch as he engorges on pizza and sloths on the couch. It follows the same simple plot as all the other Pig books with Pig being a cheeky bugger and learning his lesson as his friendly flatmate Trevor the sausage dog watches on.

The thing that makes these books so great is the fantastic humour, the ability to be enjoyed by EVERYONE who reads them, as well as being super readable as the rhyming is always spot on making it fun to read out loud. They are also a perfect length to keep even little ones in one spot for more than five minutes. Pig the Blob holds up and is also incredibly suitable for everyone coming out of the year that was 2020.

Aaron Blabey, you’ve done it again!

Pig’s even got himself a smart phone now.

Title: Pig the Blob

Author & Illustrator: Aaron Blabey

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2020

Ages: All!


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