Review: Extraordinary

Extraordinary is a stunning book about something that everyone can relate to and appreciate at the moment – finding the magic in every day.

“Have you ever had an extraordinary wish? To soar like an eagle? To shimmer with fish?

This book is something special. You can tell straight away by the lovely cover with the shiny foiling over the leaves making it stand out. The narrative doesn’t revolve around a main character, and is a lyrical tale about dreaming and wishing and looking at the everyday as something wonderful.

Penny Harrison outdoes herself in the writing of this book and every word feels precisely picked and perfectly flows making every single sentence a joy to read.

The extraordinary bellows, it trumpets and booms. It towers above us, it blazes and blooms.

The illustrations are lovely with an earthy naturey colour palette. I like the constant inclusion of nature and books and relationships and think it works with the narrative perfectly.

I also love how the pages glide from indoors to outdoors, from nighttime to day, from spring to winter and back again – perhaps symbolising the movement of time and life.

Extraordinary is a magical book that will make you appreciate the little things in your life, and keep you coming back for more. This one will suit a huge age range, as it is short enough to keep the attention of even the youngest family members, but intriguing enough to capture the older ones too.

Thanks to New Frontier Publishing for sending me out a copy. To get yourself a copy of this magical book, click here.

Title: Extraordinary

Author& Illustrator: Penny Harrison & Katie Wilson

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2020

Ages: 3-6


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