Review: The Golden Thread

“The Golden Thread is a thread of pure gold light, connecting you to anyone you love. It can never be lost, cut or broken.”

The Golden Thread is a beautiful book about connecting with loved ones when they have passed away. It is important, emotional and sweet.

The story follows a young girl Rosie and begins with her playing with her older brother Christopher at the park. Rosie and Christopher obviously have a close relationship, and Rosie helps him choose some clothes out for a party. After this – the tone changes, and Police Officers come to her house to inform her family of his tragic passing in a car accident.

Rosie is obviously devastated at the loss of her brother and best friend – she ‘felt like dark, gloomy storm clouds hung over her head’. Then one day, her uncle comes to visit and teaches her about the Golden Thread – a way of connecting you to anyone you love.

This is an emotional book and although it has moment of sadness and darkness, it is well balanced with light and love. It teaches children about mindfulness, grief and the importance of family. The themes will suit slightly older children, and will start important conversations. Everyone has to deal with grief at some stage in their life, or witness someone they love going through grief. This will help children understand this difficult concept and encourage positivity out of the one the hardest things we all have to deal with in this life.

The illustrations are gorgeous and sweet, and Deb Hudson does a great job of lightening up a book with heavy themes. I loved Rosie’s little face, with my favourite page being the one above.

This is a powerful book that all children should read and learn about. Amelia Donnelly dedicates this book to her brother James, on which the events of the book are based. You can read more about the creation of this book in my interview with Amelia here.

Thanks to Amelia for sending me out my very own special copy of The Golden Thread (ironically – the day after I had written this review!).

Title: The Golden Thread

Author and Illustrator: Amelia Donnelly & Deb Hudson

Publisher: Lake Press/Self Published

Published: 2018

Ages: 4+

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