Book Review – You’re Called What?!

‘You’re Called What?!’ By Kes Gray and Nikki Dyson. Published by Pan Macmillan

Children’s books that feature animals are not exactly rare, but one that features animals that you’ve never heard of that have almost impossible names? That’s something your kids will love to read.

I loved this book and found it laugh out loud hilarious – definitely a book that the whole family will enjoy and love to read along too.

It starts at the very official ‘Ministry of Silly Animal Names’ and goes through the line of animals who want to change their name so people won’t laugh at them anymore.

Ministry of Silly Animal Names

Every page we are introduced to a new animal who out does the animal before them in terms of the silliness of their name. The reader is then invited to laugh along with all the other animals in line – with every laugh getting a little bit longer.

Even old mate blob fish gets a gig this time – the animal voted the ugliest animal in the animal kingdom.

The ending was a great little twist that also had me laughing out loud. This is such a fun book that teaches kids it’s good to be able to laugh at yourself and will suit kids of every age.


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