Review: The Bad Seed

This adorable little sunflower seed may look harmless… but he is a pretty badass dude.

“I’m a bad seed. A baaaaaaaaad seed”

The story is obviously all about this “bad seed” and all the bad things he does. Everyone knows he is the bad guy and is always looking and him and whispering how bad he is, but he can hear them.

I love all the bad things this guy does – he doesn’t put things back where they belong and is alway late and never washes his hands… All things that most small children are pretty bad at.

This story is so good, I know why it is a New York Times best seller. It has great illustrations, a brilliant concept, plenty of humour that will have adults giggling along, and a great plot. I also loved the backstory to the seed and how he came to be a bad guy, I really felt for this little sunflower seed. Its a pretty good and super relatable lesson – everyone has their story. My only issue with the plot was that I felt his transformation in the end was too quick, and would have liked to see some sort of event that caused this, rather than him just making the decision to change.

This book is just so fun and obviously a huge hit with audiences since it was released. There is even another book that looks equally adorable and funny by the author and illustrator ‘The Good Egg’, that I am now dying to get my hands on.

Title: The Bad Seed

Author & Illustrator: Jory John & Pete Oswold

Publisher: HarperCollins

Published: 2017

Ages: 3-6


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