Classic Review: Ella Enchanted

Today I have a different kind of review – a quick classic review. This was created due to a collaborative post for The Best Children’s Books of All Time’ with the wonderful people over at Twinkl, where I shared my favourite children’s book that I read as a child.

Ella Enchanted is a middle grade book aimed at 10-13 year olds that is my all time favourite children’s book and probably the book I have re-read the most in my life. It is a Cinderella retelling, where Ella the main character is cursed as a baby with ‘obedience’ by a fairy and has to do everything she is asked.

There are battles with creepy ogres, friendships with fairies, and a dashing prince. The main attraction for me was the brilliant, brave and intelligent main character that I absolutely adored. I think I was so sick of reading books and watching Disney movies featuring damsels in distress, that I was enthralled by a fantastical book where the female lead had an actual brain in her head and was more than capable of saving herself whilst also being funny and humble and inspiring. It is fast paced, original and has a surprising amount of effective world building for a middle grade book – I really felt like I was transported to a different place.

Also, don’t be fooled by the terrible movie adaption, this book is as timeless as Cinderella and blew my mind as a kid, and still does every time I read it. 

Thanks to Twinkl for having me on their post, and be sure to head over to the collaborative article ‘The Best Children’s Books of All Time To Read this CBCA Book Week’ to discover what the other bloggers’ favourite books were, and see if your own favourites made the list. It also works perfectly as some inspiration for what to read your kids, and features some brilliant lists of the all time best children books (with age suggestions too!). Twinkl also has endless resources for teachers and parents, so be sure to check them out!


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