Review: Wild Bush Days

Wild Bush Days is a historical adventure story that takes us back in time to tell us an inspiring tale based on a little-known lady bushranger – Jessie Hickman.

“There’s a whisper among these ghosts, these craggy shadows on the hill. The song of a forgotten past, it tells of wild bush days…”

It follows two young girls as they go exploring, and the reader learns of Hicksmans past. She was raised in the circus in the early 1900’s and then became a bushranger. The two modern day explorers have their own adventures climbing over rocks and dealing with bandits (in the form of two young boys).

Penny Harrison’s writing is lovely and lyrical as always, making for a beautiful read. The historical aspect is well handled and interesting. I liked how it flips from history to present day between each page. The illustrations suit the story perfectly and the Australian landscapes and animals are beautiful and wonderfully displayed across the long double page spreads.

Wild Bush Days is a beautiful story that dips in and out of time to inspire a younger generation while informing them of the past. This would make a great story for the classroom as it opens up great discussions about history and important female icons (even if they lived on the other side of the law!).

Title: Wild Bush Days

Author: Penny Harrison

Illustrator: Virginia Gray

Publisher: MidnightSun Publishing

Published: 1st August 2022

Ages: 3+

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