Review: Trick Number Two

Trick Number Two is a new book from popular creators Nick Bland and Stephen Michael King (their second team up I believe! The first being The Magnificent Tree), and is a magical story about about three little (adorable) wizards who just want to learn magic, but will have to learn some patience first.

‘Three little wizards had no magic tricks’

The story follows three little wizards (Wizard Yellow, Wizard Red and Wizard Blue) who had no magic tricks, until luckily enough, a wise wizard (who also happens to be a bit of a show-off) comes along to teach them some. The three little wizards are keen to learn some magic as quick as they can, but the wise wizard explains that first, they must begin at trick number one. But this trick, takes a very very long time to get going, and involves waiting for a piece of string to grow. Two of the wizards can’t bare to wait, but can the last little wizard achieve trick number one?

This fantastical story is gorgeous and really fun to read out loud. It rhymes and can be a bit tongue twistery at times, and would suit classroom setting perfectly. It shows how those that wait, can get the biggest pay offs of all. It is imaginative and sweet and gave me some real Roald Dahl vibes. The illustrations are magical and I adored the creative double spread pages and pastel colours outlined in sketchy black point pen. Even the cover is super appealing with the bright purple background (although my photo makes it look more blue) and sparkly font. It went a little over my toddlers head, so I think it would suit kids more aged 4 and above.

To grab yourself a copy of this tricky book – click here!

Title: Trick Number Two

Author: Nick Bland

Illustrator: Stephen Michael King

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2021

Ages: 4 – 7


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