Review: The Wild Guide To Starting School

The dynamic duo of Laura and Philip Bunting are back with this wonderful new book that has perfect timing for coming back to school. This fun creative guide to going back to school will prepare even the most reluctant students for heading back to the classroom!

End papery goodness!

The book genuinely works as a guide to get kids (and parents!) ready to go back to school. With a list of 12 things featuring tips and tricks and reminders for kids on things they can do to get ready for going back to school – from waking up, to playing nice and being good students. It even has tips for parents towards the end! Going to school can be an extremely daunting prospect, particularly after the tumultuous last few years with COVID making things especially emotional, this book will help kids understand what they need to do. It makes it a fun and comprehensive and useful guide that features Bunting’s popular and familiar characters from their previous work such as Mopoke, Liarbird and many more.

The illustrations are fun and bright and feature all Philip Buntings adorable vector styled illustrations with their funny startled pin point eyes. I love the inclusion of the tips and the humour on every page, which is spot on for school aged kids. It has a scrapbook layout style which is incredibly effective. The Wild Guide to Starting School is a great brand new back to school book perfect for school kids of any age!

To grab yourself a copy of this book – Click here!

Title: The Wild Guide to Starting School

Author: Laura Bunting

Illustrator: Philip Bunting

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2022

Ages: 4+


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