Review: Dinosaur Dads

Three dinosaur kids are sitting around bored with nothing to do – but that’s about to change when their dads come bursting out of the forest with a whole day of wild adventures. Dinosaur Dads is all about having fun with dads – making it a perfect book for fathers day!

Dinosaur Dads follows three youngsters who are bored and want something to do. Lucky for them the dads are there to entertain them! We get to follow along as they have a romping good time including mud fights, races and dinosaur rides.

This book is super bright and colourful. It is well written and the rhyme is perfectly done and flows well, making it easy to read. There are lots of big descriptive words and long rhyming sentences which makes it fun to read out loud, and fun for kids to follow along with. My toddler claims this as one of his favourites and he particularly loves the mud fights and the fact that they get to wash it all off in the next page.

The longer text makes it a good book for older kids who are happy to sit for longer periods of time, and is great for vocabulary development with the diverse adjectives throughout. But as I said, my toddler loved it as it is such a rambunctious read!

To grab yourself a copy of Dinosaur Dads, click here!

Title: Dinosaur Dads

Author: Lesley Gibbes

Illustrator: Marjorie Crosby-Fairall

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2021

Ages: 3+


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