PB Review: Vernon the penguin

Penguins can’t fly, but that doesn’t stop Vernon the Penguin from giving it his absolute best shot.

“As soon as Vernon hatched from his egg, he knew he wanted to fly.”

Vernon has always wanted to fly and “every night he would dream of riding the wild west wind, curling and twirling, swooshing and swirling along its currents.” But Vernon knows penguins can’t fly, and everyone in his life keeps reminding him of this as he makes continuous attempts to soar in the sky.

Eventually he goes to the wise old penguin to get some help, but will she be able to help in the way he means?

I loved this gorgeous and hilarious story about one resilient penguin. It was really well written so was fun to read, made me laugh out loud and had me rooting for Vernon the whole time. I loved the clever and surprising ending, and thought the illustrations of Vernon were super adorable.

Vernon the Penguin is an entertaining story that will suit a wide variety of kids. I felt it would be best suited to audiences over four as they will get the humour best. Highly recommend this funny tale that will encourage kids to be themselves and not to give up on their dreams!

To grab a copy of Vernon the Penguin, clear here!

Title: Vernon the Penguin

Author/Illustrator: Natashia Curtin

Publisher: Scholastic

Published: 2021

Ages: 3+


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