Review: Bears Don’t Wear Shoes

Bears can do all kinds of things, but one thing they can’t do, is in fact, wear shoes. Bears Don’t Wear Shoes is a really sweet and funny story about friendship.

Cheeky ‘Frontier removals’ sign. I see what you did there New Frontier Publishing.

Suzy has just moved houses and she really wants to play, but no one will play with her as they are too busy! So she goes on a mission to find a new friend. One that likes all the same things as her, such as biscuits, colouring in and dressing up.

She puts up a sign outside and waits all day for a friend to arrive, and is sad when no one arrives. That is until the next day when a bear has turned up outside her house. Plus, it turns out the bear likes all the same things she does, except for one important part of the job – wearing shoes!

I love the illustrations in this book – the autumn colours of oranges and yellows, mixed in with outdoorsy blues and greens. I like how Suzy is portrayed as a creative quirky character, and I adore the big double spread pages with Suzy and the bear playing, as well as the end papers.

Bears don’t wear shoes is a lovely story that will suit a range of readers. The text is kept short and sweet so it is great for reading out loud, especially for bedtimes. It also teaches kids that it’s okay to be different from your best friends, and you have to accept people as they are.

To grab yourself a copy of this book, click here!

Title: Bears Don’t Wear Shoes

Author & Illustrator: Sharon Davey

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2020

Ages: 3 – 6


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