Review: My Summer with Grandad

My Summer with Grandad is a sweet book that features a little boy, his grandad, and an unlikely new friend.

The story follows a little boy Eric who is excited to spend the summer with his grandad, and this year is especially exciting as he will be helping out on the fishing boat. But working on the fishing boat isn’t as easy as Eric thought it would be, so when his grandad assigns him a special job of the ‘Chief Seagull Shoo-er’, Eric is stoked. However, in his new role, he comes across an injured seagull who he has to nurse back to health. Eric then has to help his new friend (named Beaky) prepare to go back into the wild. But when the time comes, will he be prepared to let it go?

I adored this story. Everything about it is just wonderful. I went into expecting it to be a sweet tale about a kid spending a summer with his grandad (because, you know, the title and all) but instead was greeted with a beautiful story about new friendships, letting go, resilience and helping others.

My Summer with Grandad is a gorgeous book that was different from what I expected, in a delightful way. It was a beautiful story that kind of made me want to cry happy/sad tears. The illos are lovely and the whole book and story has some real Oliver Jeffers vibes about it (which can only be a good thing!). I would definitely recommend this book for the home bookshelf!

To grab yourself a copy, click here.

My absolute favourite page! (*happy/sad tears*)

Title: My Summer with Grandad

Author & Illustrator: Tom Tinn-Disbury

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2020

Ages: 3+

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