Review: One Lone Swallow

One Lone Swallow is a calming peaceful book that travels back in time to watch the journey of a single bird through ancient streets.

Florence, Italy, around 1805, at twilight

One Lone Swallow is a unique and intriguing book. It manages to be sweet and as I said previously, really quite peaceful, although it does have some parts of action that will get the heart beating. I loved the writing and I felt transported back in time in such a gentle way and so will the readers as they follow the streets and bridges and towers of Florence two hundred years ago.

The story follows behind a mother bird who has left her nestlings alone to search for her mate, and this is what drives the story forward. It is told in a soft manner but this gentle narrative drive works well to keep the story moving forward and builds intrigue in terms of keeping the pages turning. It had a satisfying ending and I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

The illustrations are gorgeous and I loved the twilight colour palette and the different angles and viewpoints that change from page to page as we watch the swallow as it floats and dives and drifts around the city.

One Lone Swallow is dreamy flight of a book that is perfect for bedtime.

To grab yourself a copy, click here!

Title: One Lone Swallow

Author & Illustrator: Corinne Fenton & Owen Swan

Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

Published: 2020

Ages: 3 – 6


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