Review: Busting!

Busting! by Aaron Blabey is a hilarious and relatable story about being absolutely dying to go to the toilet.

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Middle Grade Graphic Novel: Smile

This was SUCH a cool book.

This is the first ever graphic novel I’ve reviewed AND read. I loved it so much I’m really keen to read more.

I felt this book so much. I had braces and a headgear and a plate when I was primary school and going into high school, so I felt this book in my bones.It reads so well, the pictures are AWESOME. I wish I had this book as a young kid with braces as I think it is perfect for its target audience and incredibly relatable.

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Review: Ella at Eden

Ella is disheartened when her best friend, Zoe, tells her she is going to be attending the prestigious Eden College. But on a whim, Ella decides to apply for a scholarship and to her surprise, is accepted into the school! ‘Ella At Eden: New Girl’ follows Ella and Zoe as they start at their new school as years 7’s, completely out of the comfort zone, and all the things that happen in their first year.

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