Middle Grade Review: Song Bird – Drought Rescue

Rosie and her friends are back at it again in the next book in the Song Bird Series, Drought rescue, where in outback Australia they will have to deal with evil villains, empty water holes and a missing (kidnapped!) aunty.

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Review: His Name Was Walter

Wow, wow, WOW.

This book is brilliant. I loved it so much. I think it is up there with one of the cleverest books I’ve read, and I would say my new all time favourite middle grade book. It is original and engaging and incredibly clever, like actual genius, in terms of story elements and things that make it all click together. It consists of a story within a story – two plot lines in two separate times.

Side note: This is probably not my best written review, as it’s a little gushy and incoherent, but this is what this book made me do. So apologies in advance.

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Middle Grade Review: The Year the Maps Changed

What a fabulous book.

Everything about this book grabbed me. The title, the cover and the setting – which happen to be a place I love and where I lived for many years of my life – The Mornington Peninsula.

The Year The Maps Changed is a middle grade (but could easily appeal to a YA audience, I felt) novel with a historical twist. It is about a young girl and her family and focuses on a part of history in Victoria that most people (ahem, like myself) had no idea about.

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Review: Ella at Eden

Ella is disheartened when her best friend, Zoe, tells her she is going to be attending the prestigious Eden College. But on a whim, Ella decides to apply for a scholarship and to her surprise, is accepted into the school! ‘Ella At Eden: New Girl’ follows Ella and Zoe as they start at their new school as years 7’s, completely out of the comfort zone, and all the things that happen in their first year.

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